On Module 3 the now tested and improved programme will be passed on the very important cultural operators for the culture education of the young: pedagogues, teachers and youth workers. The idea is to give them practical knowledge of both artistic fields that they can include into their regular work with children and the young.

Module 3

Module 3 was addressed to the pedagogues, teachers and youth workers and was held by the four romanian trainers. This activity, initially planned to take place in a single day, in April, was implemented during February-March 2021, due to the SARS COV-2 restrictions – we adapted the module on individual workshops with pedagogues.

The workshops were about the presentation if the project, the importance of improv as part of enriching the teaching process through creativity, the presentation of the brochure and of the improv movement exercises

There was more a theoretical and psychological approach we had on this module. It was more like a dialogue and a brainstorming with our participants. We talked about the values of what improv and especially movement – creative movement brings to children in these times of pandemic. It was a real success to see that everyone was concerned in finding solutions and sharing personal experiences. 

The best part of it…and I guarantee you it was wonderful – was to see how each pedagogue and teacher was no longer an independent individual, but together they, we all, became an entity, a common body, a unitary mind in an attempt to find solutions.

Module 3: Workshop for pedagogues and youth workers

Timeline and list of activities

1. Indiviual meetings with the pedagogues, teachers, youth workers - Arrival and registration of participants

2. Presentation of the project and trainers. The importance of improvisation in creative and innovative pedagogy

3. Impro: Basic elements to work with. Values. Handing over the information in the brochure.

4. Creative laboratory on the effects of pandemic on the young children and adolescents. Improv and creative movement – benefits of improvisation and creative movement at the level of pedagogical motivation. Clever solutions for teachers on the effects of pandemic, felt by children at the psychological, motor and emotional level

5. Feedback


Young theatre on the move