On Module 2 artist - trainers will introduce the newly developed impro/dance audience development programme to the theatre and dance professionals. The programme will be tested and put up for comments and improvements, and the discussion about the methodology of cultural education of theatre and dance will take place.

Module 2

Module 2

Module 2, 30. January 2020

The program was ambitious and we delivered. The participants came from very different professional backgrounds and the crossbreeding between dancers, actors, child psychologists, educators, audience mediators, therapists and musicians created a very diverse group. There was a lot of listening to each other, and to each proposal. The expectations of each participant are different and numerous. This suggests that it would take several days and mutilate such actions. We were 18 in total with 13 participants and 5 members of the CNC dance team (4 dancers and 1 photographer). The day was very dynamic, lots of fun and exchanges. We alternated very energetic moments with very gentle moments. Time was allowed for participants to take notes and ask questions at the end of each dance game. There were no problems related to the different technical levels of the participants. All the proposed games can be made with children or young people. During the presentation of the project, everyone was able to ask questions about the development objectives of the audiences. Even if practices are different, the objectives are common to all.


Young theatre on the move