The second joint module will be devoted to the communication of the project to specific local communities and regions in each partner country. The professional theatre and dance institutions will be encouraged to use project’s audience development strategy, and will have the option to enhance their regular audience development programmes and events with the young, with Young theatre on the move methods. The event will help with enhanced community integration and cohesion, will help to widen and deepen the relationship with the young audience and will help with the communication of the project.

​Joint Module II: Going local Tršić - Loznica

On Sunday October 25th, Children's Cultural Center Belgrade executed Joint Module Going Local of YOUNG THEATRE ON THE MOVE project. The Joint Module Going Local was executed with the goal of presentation of the project and the dissemination of project results in the region other than the home region of the partner institution (which for Children's Cultural Center Belgrade is the City of Belgrade). The Joint Module Going Local was executed in region of Western Serbia, in the City of Loznica. More precisely, the venue for the presentation and the workshop was “Vukova Spomen-škola” Elementary School in the Landscape of exceptional features "Cultural Landscape Tršić-Tronoša” – Loznica. The execution of Joint Module Going Local lasted for twelve hours, including 6 hours of workshop activities -  meet & greet, media coverage, introductory part, two sessions of practical work and the Conclusion and Q&A session. Each participant of the workshop received a Workbook  - the draft version of the Young Theatre on the move methodology brochure, containing specific exercises and games in the field of dance improvisation and creative movement. All of the participants of the workshop agreed to give their contact for the Young Theatre on the move network.

The Joint Module 1 and all other workshops were executed with the with respect to all health regulations and measures adopted to prevent the epidemic Covid 19. Reduced number of planned participants did not mean a reduction in results, because the workshop in Tršić was also attended by participants who had a genuine desire to learn new pedagogical tools for working with children.


Public relations activities
Student enrollment and introduction

Introductory lecture
(Dalibor Stojanović)

Working session 1 - IMPRO exercises based on drama pedagogy
(Tijana Kesic Stamenković, Paul Murray)

Coffee break and snack

Working session 2 - IMPRO exercises based on the pedagogy of stage movement
(Ivana Tabori Obradović, Dragana Stanisavljević)

Conclusion, questions and answers, awarding of certificates, joint photography
(Ivana Tabori Obradović, Dragana Stanisavljević, Paul Murray, Tijana Kesić Stamenković, Dalibor Stojanović)


Young theatre on the move