Additional activity

Joint Module II - Going Local, Kraljevo

Additional Activity - JOINT MODULE II  - GOING LOCAL Kraljevo has been executed thanks to cooperation between Cultural Artistic Society »Abrašević« from Kraljevo and the Children's Cultural Center Belgrade. At the invitation of Drama group of Cultural Artistic Society »Abrašević« the team of the Children's Cultural Center Belgrade visited Kraljevo and on that occasion executed the educational workshop of improvisational theater and creative movement,  based on IMPRO MOVE methodology, researched within the project Young Theater on the move. The invitation to visit and the workshop followed with the idea to expand and promote the results of the project and present IMPRO MOVE technique as a toll for working with children and youth, pedagogues, educators, teachers, high school teachers and others, in as many local communities as possible.

The host of the event was Cultural and Artistic Society "Abrasević" from Kraljevo, which exists for 92 years. As the oldest cultural institution in Kraljevo, the Society was founded back in 1926. In 1949, the drama section of "Abrasević" grew into "Kraljevo Theater". Today Society operates in its own venue through four sections: choir, drama section, folklore dance company and tamburitza ensemble.

The original agenda was made for the workshop intended for pedagogues, but since we had a big interest of children - members of children's Drama section for the participation, we have decided on the spot not to change the agenda, but to do a version of the workshop we have done on the YTOM 2021 Impro day sessions: a joint workshop for adults and children. This was possible due to decrease of the number of adult participats related to the decision of City's Cultural Center Ribnica Kraljevo not to allow its employees to participate in the workshop. This decision of the general manager was made as a revolt towards CCCB team, beacuse of our decision to change the venue and go to »Abrašević« Society instead of Cultural Center.  Our decision had to be made since the management of the Cultural Center was very idle while communicating with us, which made the preparations very difficult to execute. The alternative venue was set thanks to the person we have communicated with as the representative of the Cultural Center Mrs Ana Jerotijević, who also is a drama pedagogue of the Drama section of the Abrašević Society. Despite the boycott of the official Cultural Center, we had 7 adult participants – pedagogues from Abrašević, the mentioned colleague from the Cultural Center, participant from Forestry School and Kraljevo Art High School. The workshop aslo attended 15 children – members of Abrašević Drama section, which will represent the Society and the City of Kraljevo on SERBIA IMPRO DAY 2022, in May 2022 in Children's Cultural Center Belgrade.

The activities of the workshop lasted one working day and included four sessions: theoretical introduction, training in Impro movement technique based on drama pedagogy, training in Impro movement technique based on pedagogy of contemporary stage movement and the final discussion and Q&A session. The workshop was led by expert trainers: Tijana Kesić Stamenković, Dragana Stanisavljević, Ivana Tabori Obradović and Marija Blagojević. Dalibor Stojanović-  project manager of the Young Theater on the Move, was in charge of the introductory lecture and the final address, questions and answers. Each of the participants received materials for work on the workshop and a certificate of attendance.
This workshop had another purpose: the participants was introduced to the new didactic material developed within the project: »On the roll«. The material was presented and tested within the both target groups: the children and the adults – pedagogues.

A new episode of production television show NEW DREAMS, by Ivana Teodorović Stojanović, co-produced by the Children's Cultural Center Belgrade and Television Koreni, was recorded about the guest appearance of the team of the Children's Cultural Center Belgrade, as well as current events on the topic of culture for children and youth in Kraljevo. The workshop has been announced in local the News of Radio Television of Kraljevo and local news portal


Venue and Workshop Preparations

Participants’ enrollment and introduction

Introductory lecture (Dalibor Stojanović)

Working session 1 - IMPRO exercises based on drama pedagogy
(Dragana Stanisavljević, Tijana Kesić Stamenković)


Working session 2 - IMPRO exercises based on drama pedagogy
(Dragana Stanisavljević, Tijana Kesić Stamenković)

14.15 - 14.45
Lunch break

14.45 - 15.30
Working session 3 - IMPRO exercises based on the pedagogy of stage movement
(Ivana Tabori Obradović, Marija Blagojević)


Working session 4 - IMPRO exercises based on the pedagogy of stage movement
(Ivana Tabori Obradović, Marija Blagojević)


16.45 - 17.30
Conclusion, questions and answers, awarding certificates, joint photography
(Dalibor Stojanović, Ivana Tabori Obradović, Marija Blagojević, Dragana Stanisavljević, Tijana Kesić Stamenković)


Young theatre on the move