XIX International festival of children and youth theaters “Wigraszek”. “Wigraszek” is a festival that has hosted children and youth theatres for many years now.

Joint Module II: Going local 1

Its 2021 edition was marked by Covid-19 pandemic but the organizers managed to organize the event, although in a more modest shape than before. “Young theatre on the move” trainers from Elk Culture Centre decided to offer their support to the festival organizer in the form of impro workshops for young people and – at the same time – try to promote the main ideas of the project to further groups of people. The group that participated in the impro workshops was Teatr na Dłoni from Cieszyn (southern end of Poland). The trainers – Anna Sochacka and Wiktor Malinbowski - introduced the participants to the basics of impro theatre and impro move, engaging them in simple games, exercises, having fun together. All in all it was a very bright moment in the project, with interaction live not online, after months of lockdown and Zoom meetings.


Young theatre on the move