Joint modules I represent an important opportunity to join dance and theatre professionals with school pedagogues and youth workers. By experiencing and practically working together, new connections, possibilities and forms of cooperation and new young audience development pedagogical programmes will be created, building strong cultural pedagogy community. The key part of this activity is transnational mobility of artist-trainers, who will co-lead the workshops in other partner countries.

Joint Module I: Artist-trainers exchange, part I.

Joint Module I: Artist-trainers exchange, part I.

On the 26th of September Pionirski dom organised and executed the workshops for school pedagogues and professionals in the field of improvisational theatre and contemporary dance. Despite of uncertain situation we managed to execute the workshops for 30 participants.

We started our planned programme with relaxed warm-up, so we could check-in with our bodies and minds. Our imaginary journey started with walking in the nature, green grass beneath our feet, sun shining on our skin, warming up our senses, inhale- exhale. We dressed ourselves in positive energy and courage.
We divided into two groups, one led by Urša Strehar Benčina and another by Ana Romih. The work in groups was full of energy, exuberance, excitement. It was obvious that not a lot of these kind of experiences are possible now, and that playfulness arose quickly and willingly with the participants. The workshop led by Urša Strehar Benčina was about the energy and presence – of the mentor and of the group. The main message was, that we always work with what we have and work from there on. Ana’s goal in her workshop was to introduce the participants methods of how to construct a performance. From the inside to the outside – using our body, imagination and story-telling as a way of constructing.
After we switched the groups and repeated the programme, we have all met in the Festivalna Hall. We divided participants into 6 groups – 3 of them got challenges regarding creative movement and dance and 3 of them got challenges that root in improvisational theatre. They had 20 minutes to prepare short performances. It is extremely important to challenge groups we are working with performance as well, not only to grow as a performer, but as this usually doing it means understanding it better and later enjoying it more as an audience member as well. Through these performances we got the confirmation that tools and methods used in this project are already embodied and used on stage.

9.30 – 10.00 Greetings
10.00 - 12.15 Creative movement workshop I. part *
12.15 – 13.30 Lunch + coffee break
13.30 - 15.45 Creative movement workshop II. part *
15.45 - 16.00 Break
16.00 - 17.30 From chaos to order: how to prepare a group for performance
17.30 - 18.00 Final conclusion


Young theatre on the move