Joint modules I represent an important opportunity to join dance and theatre professionals with school pedagogues and youth workers. By experiencing and practically working together, new connections, possibilities and forms of cooperation and new young audience development pedagogical programmes will be created, building strong cultural pedagogy community. The key part of this activity is transnational mobility of artist-trainers, who will co-lead the workshops in other partner countries.

Joint Module I: Artist-trainers exchange

Joint Module I: Artist-trainers exchange

The workshop was first supposed to take place in May 2020 but due to the COVID-19 pandemic we had to postpone it further and further. The participants were waiting impatiently, the whole project team was waiting with them. At last we managed to meet on 12th September.
The regular Polish trainers team was joined this time by Ana Romih from Pionirski dom in Ljubljana who led our participants into the world of creative movement. The workshop started with a short warm-up, then the group split for two teams - less and more advanced - to practice. After working in group they all met together again for more work and discussion.
As the evaluation results showed the workshop the participants were not only happy, they still find a reason to come and benefit from it both personally and professionally. After the workshop it was agreed that additional workshops will be organized within the project.


Young theatre on the move