Joint modules I represent an important opportunity to join dance and theatre professionals with school pedagogues and youth workers. By experiencing and practically working together, new connections, possibilities and forms of cooperation and new young audience development pedagogical programmes will be created, building strong cultural pedagogy community. The key part of this activity is transnational mobility of artist-trainers, who will co-lead the workshops in other partner countries.

Joint Module I: Artist-trainers exchange

Joint Module I: Artist-trainers exchange

During Saturday October 10th, Children's Cultural Center Belgrade executed Joint Module 1 – Workshop of YOUNG THEATRE ON THE MOVE project. The Joint Module 1 was executed with the clear goal of will encouraging participants to envision their presentations at the Impro Days that will take place in CCCB in March 2021. Joint
The workshop was attended by proffesionals from institutions or organizations working with children and youth, together with the project management members, CCCB photographer and guest trainer from the Lead Partner: Pionirski Dom, Mrs Urša Benčina Strehar. The workshop included eight and a half hours of activities including introductory part, two sessions of practical work and the Coclusion and Q&A session. Each participant of the workshop received a Workbook  - the dreaft version of the Young Theatre on the move methodology brochure, containing specific exercises and games in the field of dance improvisation and creative movement.
The workshop was inducted into the program of Glumijada – International Festival of children theatre play, which took place in Children's Cultural Center Belgrade from Friday October 9th till Sunday October 11th, marking the first open public event in the facility since the declaration of State of Emergency in March 2020, caused by the Covid 19. Other programs of the event included the workshops for children and youth on the topics such as drama pedagogy, stage movement, public speaking and appearance and similiar, which made a perfect oppotunity for the Young Theatre on the move team to promote and demostrate the outcomes of the project and the efficiency and attraction of the Impro Move technique in working with children. The promotional and educational workshop for children, which took place on Saturday October 10th, was also lead by the Guest Exchange Artist Trainer from Pionirski Dom: Urša Benčina Strehar.
It is important to empesize that the guest apperance of the Mrs Benčina Strehar recieved very positive public relations and media attention. Concidering going abroad for the guest artistic apperance very brave and rare in this particular moment, as soon as she arrived she was the guest of the popular talk
show called »150 minutes« on TV Prva. Allso, the Joint Module 1 as a part of Glumijada Festival was the topic of TV coverage of TV N1 (»Novi dan« Morning program), TV Nova S (»Probudi se« Morning Program) and »Mali dnevnik« Children TV show of Radio Television of Serbia. The Joint Module 1, Glumijada event and international cultural exchange was put in very positive public spotlight as the good examples how the cultural activities can and have to be obtained despite current crisis situation.


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