Impro Move day Serbia 2022

Project activity IMPRO DAY SERBIA 2022 was executed on Saturday May 7th 2022 in Children’s Cultural Center Belgrade. The event was attended by 13 children's and youth drama groups from several cities in Serbia and Bosnia and Hercegovina. IMPRO DAY SERBIA was structured as a three session event: first session included the performances of four artistic groups, the second session included the performances of five groups and the third session included the performances of four groups. The sessions lasted for 75 minutes and all of them gave the enough time and space for the performers to present the acts they have prepared. The groups performed 44 formats in total. All of the performances was supervised by the expert jury, consisting of the artist trainers of Serbian YTOM team. The first session of the Imrpo day also included a short guest appearance of YTOM Expert Artist Trainers Mrs Ana Romih from Pionirski dom – Center za kulturo mladih, Ljubljana (Slovenia) and Mr Mr Grzegorz Sierzputowski from Cultural Center Elk (Poland). All three sessions included Serbian team project manager as the presenter and event host. All programs of IMPRO DAY SERBIA 2022 have been photographed and recorded. All three sessions of IMPRO DAY SERBIA 2022 were the opportunity for the promotion of the YTOM Official Brochure.

The list of YTOM IMPRO DAY SERBIA 2022 participating groups:

KUD Abrašević – Drama studio Medenjaci, Smedervska Palanka 
Drama studio Arlekino, Mladenovac 
Cultural Center Kruševac – Drama group
KUD Abrašević – drama section, Kraljevo
The Little Prince Drama studio, Brčko (Bosnia and Hercegovina)
Cultural Dome Čačak -  drama group
Petar Pan Drama Studio, Kragujevac
Children’s Cultural Center Novi Sad
Pan Teatar, Belgrade
Elementary school "11. maj" drama group,  Jagodina
NTC drama workshop, Belgrade
Artistic Workshop Kesić, Belgrade
Ballet studio of Children’s Cultural Center Belgrade



Impro day started with a lot of enthusiasm and passed on to all participants the methodology we had been working on in previous years. The CCCB Ballet Studio left a great impression by showing how the application of this methodology leads to interesting artistic solutions suitable for children and in which their individuality is expressed. The children enjoyed the games, it was difficult to choose who would play what, because almost everyone wanted to participate in everything! Yes, for them, this is a field of endless inspiration and play. Glumijada as a festival, proved to be a perfect platform for the implementation of YTOM ideas and values, as always. Attendance exceeded all our expectations.


During the three sessions, the children in three separate age groups (from 4 to 19 years old) together with their lecturers, showed the application of the methodology we have developed over the past five years.
The jury singled out the performance of two performances. The first is the CCCB Ballet Studio, who developed a whole stage from of game “5 chairs“ in which a whole group children participated. The second is KUD Abrašević – drama section, Kraljevo, who showed us how to make choreography from basic (basic) dating games. Other groups have also shown excellent application and development of the YTMOM methodology.
We used the last fifteen minutes of the session to play a couple of new games that we exchanged with our guests, and they were processed during the workshop with pedagogues. In this way, children and pedagogues from different cities made contact and exchanged YTMOM energy and new knowledge. We can also single out the group from Cultural Center Krusevac.


What a secret of success: in deep organization.

And phenomenal creation
And everything is clearly visible on the stage
and the heart beats only beats for Impro day

Impro day in one word “wow“, so many children who participated in all three sessions is impressive and I have to admit that I was not up for so many participants. Yet it was a confirmation to me that we were doing the right thing. So many creative and inspiring things that just sprang up and upgraded. Flawless blend and support of audience and performers.


A wonderful full day with many more participants than i remember ever before. The sessions were varied and lively, accommodating young people from 4 to 19 plus. I believe that the spirit of improvisation was delivered to and picked up by the participants in a fun atmosphere. Congratulations to the organisers and I look forward to next year.


16.30 - 17.45
Session 1

18.00 - 19.15
Session 2

19.30 - 21.00
Session 3


Young theatre on the move