The Impro Move days will be the culmination of the whole project as they will offer the opportunity to participate in the practical embodied experience of transformative and contagious energetic presentations of collaborative free art forms performed by and for the young. Theatre and dance education will be presented and promoted as a possible and necessary set of skills that can improve children’s creativity, which can work as a complimentary tool to the teaching processes and aim also to increase interest for theatre/dance performance art forms.

Impro Move day

6 classes took part in the 2 YTOM days. The program made it possible to offer, in the presence of the pupils, dance games and movement exercises. The teachers were able to participate as dancers and at the same time as a pedagogue. The teachers were accompanied by educational assistants who also participated in the workshop.

Each class had about 20 to 25 students. It was very enriching to see the games reproduced by children and by adults and to see them share exercises in movement.
It was very joyful and this form with the children, directly in their school, made it possible to carry out this module despite the crisis and the prohibition for teachers to participate in training outside their school.

6 performing groups, 137 performers

10.00-13.00 introduction and presentation of the project

13.00-14.00 lunch

14.00-18.00 perfomances (6 groups)

18.00 conclusion


Young theatre on the move